Palisade – Port Authority


Jersey City – Hoboken  – New York


Click here for full size map (route in pink)

This is an infrequent jitney route that only runs in the morning rush hour from Jersey City Heights, down the 14th Street Viaduct to Hoboken, and North into the Lincoln Tunnel.

The route starts at Christ Hospital on Palisade Avenue in Jersey City, turning right on Paterson Plank Road and following the 14th Street Viaduct into Hoboken.  It then turns left and follows Willow Avenue into the tunnel, discharging passengers near the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

This route does not run frequently and only operates inbound to Manhattan during morning rush hours (before 9 am), as the drivers on this route do not have a designated terminal to pick up at in New York.  On the portion along Palisade Avenue, it competes with the New Jersey Transit 123. After Palisade Avenue, it runs the same route as the NJ Transit 119.

Usually, these buses look the same as Bergenline jitneys (with a Bergenline sign up at the top), but have a supplemental placard on the dashboard that reads “New York.”

The fare to New York is $3, local is $1.50.