Kennedy Boulevard – Port Authority


Look for buses with signs that say “New York 42nd Street,”  “New York Port Authority,” or just “New York”

Jersey City – Union City – New York

This jitney route departs from lane B2 in the Journal Square Transportation Center, and runs up Kennedy Boulevard (J.F.K. Boulevard West, officially).

In Union City, jitneys run alongside the Lincoln Tunnel Approach, and then into the helix to the Lincoln Tunnel to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Kennedy Boulevard jitneys can be boarded at gate 51 at the Port Authority. This gate is most easily accessed from the 40th Street side of the building.

The company that runs the route, Community Lines, sells tickets between New York and New Jersey for $3.25 cash, or $2.75 if purchased at  ticket window 23 at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. This ticket window is only open between 2:30pm and 8:30pm on weekdays.

This route runs every  2-4 minutes at rush hour, and at other times every 5-10 minutes. Service continues until about 1 am. It follows the route of NJ Transit number 125, which runs every hour.

At Journal Square, service starts at 5 am and ends at 12 am seven days a week.  The first bus from the Port Authority is at 5 am and the last one is at 1 am.

Between Journal Square and 30th Street in Union City, this route overlaps with the Kennedy Boulevard jitney route.

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