Palisades Park – Fort Lee – Flushing

495MThis route is different from other Jitney routes in northern New Jersey.  It runs on a published schedule and is operated by a company called Tourline Travel and Tour.  It also only accepts passengers at a few stops.

The company charges fares of $10 and the total trip takes about 40-50 minutes.

While this service is provided mainly to connect Korean neighborhoods in Palisades Park, Fort Lee, and Queens, it is completely open to the public.

See the company’s website here (in Korean).  The schedule is posted on their website, and is partly in English.  Departures are roughly once per hour.

On the New Jersey side, the route stops at the George Washington Bridge bus stop in Fort Lee and an office building called Pine Plaza at the corner of Broad Avenue and Harriet Avenue in Palisades Park.  The other stop in Palisades Park is at King Spa, which is at 321 Commercial Ave.