Bergenline Avenue

Jersey City – Union City – West New York – Guttenberg – North Bergen – Fairview – Cliffside Park – Fort Lee – New York

In New York, buses board on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, from which they run south to Journal Square, and then east to the Newport Mall in downtown Jersey City.

The route has several variations.  Southbound, buses operate on Anderson Avenue and Bergenline.  Northbound, they run on New York Avenue in Jersey City Heights until 48th Street, and then on Bergenline, Anderson, and Center Street in Fort Lee.

Some Bergenline buses also diverge onto Fairview Avenue.

Buses use various different routes to reach Journal Square, or skip it entirely. At the Journal Square Transportation Center, Bergenline buses can be boarded at Platform D4.  Service from

Fare table.  Click for details

Fare table. Click for details

the bus platforms inside the Journal Square Transportation Center starts at 6:30 am and ends at 9pm.  The span of service is longer outside the terminal.

Buses owned by Spanish Transportation and its subsidiaries (Airport Service, Express Service) enter the Newport Mall driveway, as this company has a contract with the management of the mall. If a bus has a sign that says “Bergenline” with two red stars, it goes into the mall. Nonaffiliated jitneys loop around via Washington Boulevard or terminate on Marin Boulevard.

Many jitneys also turn around at Bridge Plaza in Fort Lee without crossing the bridge.

Buses run approximately every 1 to 2 minutes during the day, so you will almost never have to wait.

Fares are between $1.50 for local trips and $5 for a trip from Newport Mall to George Washington Bridge.

Buses will have signs that read “Bergenline Journal Square” or just “Bergenline,” with a list of towns in small print.  See the photo above. However, multiple different companies operate this route, so not all buses will have the same signage. If in doubt, ask the driver.

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